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Stories of Continuous Improvement: Excel Industries

Lean Logistics Testimonial

Dr. Gerardo De la O is an Internal Logistics Continuous Improvement Specialist at Excel Industries, a national leader in turf care products located in Hesston, Kansas. After completing the U-M Lean Logistics and Supply Chain program in April 2016, Gerardo and his team have seen marked, sustained improvements in their day-to-day operations. This is Gerardo's story.


"After taking the Lean Logistics and Supply Chain course, Excel Industries has improved its receiving and putaway times from 80 to 40 minutes. This reduction was accomplished by improving many factors, some of which were mentioned in the course.

  1. We learned during the simulation section of the course that putting signs in the warehouse reduces both put-away and picking time. Thus, at Excel Industries we installed signs in the central area and in between the racks aisles.

  1. During the course, we learned to distinguish among value adding and non-value adding type I and type II activities. With these criteria, we are constantly measuring our non-value adding activities to improve our performance. By visiting a warehouse facility in Detroit, we learned that the non-value adding activities for internal logistics are close to 100%. 
  1. In the past, our suppliers shipped many stock keeping units (SKUs) in a pallet without any order. After discussing this problem with Prof. Bozer, he recommended writing specific delivering rules for our supplier. By implementing this recommendation, our suppliers are now shipping parts to us in a way where internal logistics uses less time for receiving.

In general, the course was excellent."

Lean Logistics and Supply Chain is a five-day course that equips attendees with the tools and methods necessary to effectively manage their supply chain and understand how its parts work together as a system. To learn more about the upcoming programs in Ann Arbor, visit our web page today.