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Students show off a modified wheelchair created as part of a project in Hierarchical Robotic Mapping

Students show off a modified wheelchair created as part of a project in Hierarchical Robotic Mapping.

Michigan Engineering ISD provides a comprehensive array of educational programs for science and engineering students and professionals at all levels. ISD offers programs that range from industry-focused short courses and certificate programs, all the way to advanced study programs and interdisciplinary degree programs in business, design, and engineering. ISD programs integrate systems thinking and design thinking in a new way.

Drawing upon the distinctive depth and breadth of the top-ranked College of Engineering's intellectual resources, ISD integrates art and design, business, engineering, literature, science, and the arts, medicine, and public policy content into uncommon learning opportunities for individuals and organizations alike.

By combining these resources with an extensive network of world-class experts from business and industry, ISD holds a unique advantage at the forefront of professional education to enable students, professionals, and organizations to stretch, grow, and build new knowledge and practical skills that are necessary and relevant for today's world of work.

For some, it is possible to commit to full-time study on campus in Ann Arbor. For others, part-time studying and off-campus learning opportunities are better alternatives. Still, for others, a customized program at the workplace is most valuable. ISD offers courses, certificates, and degrees to fit all of these scenarios. In ISD, it is typical for on campus and online students to study and interact in courses and programs at the same time through the creative uses of technology and innovative instructional design. It is also usual for our faculty to share their expertise by customizing and delivering a program off campus in a workplace setting.

Through the wide array and global reach of ISD programs, there is a learning experience to fit the interests and needs of individuals and organizations striving to be the leaders and best.