Melissa Greene

  • Status: Candidate
  • Advisors: Panos Papalambros, Richard Gonzalez
  • Description of Research: Design thinking (DT) and engineering systems thinking (EST) are two complementary approaches to understanding behavior, organization, and other non-technical factors that influence the design and performance of engineering systems. Until relatively recently, these two concepts have been explored in isolation from one another; design thinking methods have been applied to industrial design and product development, while engineering systems thinking is used in professional systems engineering practice and large-scale, complex systems design. Melissas work seeks to integrate these two concepts through a new paradigm called systems design thinking: theory and methods from engineering design research are applied to understanding systems thinking, systems engineering, and complex systems design. The goal of the research is to develop a psychometric instrument for assessing systems design thinking, with applications in systems engineering management.
  • Keywords: design cognition, systems thinking, design thinking, systems engineering
  • Research Disciplines: systems engineering, psychology
  • Awards: Rackham Merit Fellowship (2015- PRESENT)
  • Funding: 
  • University of Michigan, Integrative Systems & Design Division

    Graduate student instructor: DESCI 501/DESCI 502

  • NASA Systems Engineering Research Consortium [NNM11AA01A]
    Graduate student research assistant

  • Publications:
    • Greene, M.T.*, Gonzalez, R., Papalambros, P.Y., and McGowan, A-M. (2017). Design thinking vs. systems thinking for engineering design: Whats the difference? In Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED) 2017, Aug. 21-25, 2017, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

      Greene, M.T.*, Papalambros, P.Y., McGowan, A-M. (2016). Position paper: Designing complex systems to support interdisciplinary cognitive work. In Proceedings of DESIGN 2016, May 16-19, 2016, Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

      Greene, M.T.*, and Papalambros, P.Y. (2016). A cognitive framework for engineering systems thinking. In Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER), March 21-24, 2016, Huntsville, AL, USA.

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