International Institute Collaboration -USTB

International Institute Collaboration -USTB


The agreement between the University of Michigan (UM) and the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) is to provide an efficient transition for USTB students desiring to apply to and pursue UM's Master of Engineering in Manufacturing program. 


Admission Requirements

All Students must meet the admission requirements of the Program:

  1. A bachelor's degree in an Engineering discipline such as Civil and Environmental Engineering, Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering,  Materials Science and Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering
  2. At least two years of college engineering mathematics including probability/statistics 
  3. Undergraduate degree must be completed in good academic standing (defined as an overall score of 80/100 or higher or 3.0/4 or higher).
  4. Applicants should have relevant industry-related working/internship experience by the beginning of the first semester of enrollment.
  5. An online application is required.  In addition, a statement of purpose, personal statement, a resume, two letters of recommendation (at least one from a USTB professor), and official undergraduate and graduate (if applicable) transcripts are required.
  6. Applicants whose native language is not  English must demonstrate English proficiency and are required to provide one of the official score reports (ECPE, IELTS, MELAB, or TOEFL).
  7. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required.


Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Requirements

All Students must meet the degree requirements of the Program:

Degree Requirements Credit distribution if transferring two USTB courses to MFG program:

Up to 6 credit-hours of UM appoved USTB courses may be transferred to the program. (6 credits = up to 3 courses at 2 credits per course)

Only credits that are not applied to your undergrad degree are eligible for transferring.

Each approved transfer course will be listed as being equivalent to a 400 or 500 UM graduate level course.

Must have received at least an overall grade equivalent to a "B" in transfer courses

Courses cannot be transferred if taken more than five years before beginning the present program.


6 Credits

Must enroll in at least 24 credit-hours through UM registration.   

(At least 8 courses at 3 credits per course)

24 credit-hours of UM registration includes 3 credit-hours of MFG 503 project.

24 Credits
Program requires at least 30 credits: 30 Credits


  • Of the overall 30 credit requirement including UM and any USTB transfer courses:
    • 24 credit-hours must be graded (A-E) for UM courses and graded with a score of at least 80/100 or higher for any USTB courses.
    • The 3 credit MFG 503 project is required and will be graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.
    • 24 of the credit-hours must be 500 level or above. If a student plans to count any USTB transfer course/s as 500 level, the course/s must be approved by UM as being equivalent to UM 500 level.
    • At most, 6 credit-hours may be taken in courses at 400-level. A 400-level course must be considered as a graduate level course by the UM home department. If a student plans to count any USTB transfer course/s as 400 level, the course/s must be approved by UM as being considered equivalent to UM 400 level.
    • A minimum overall grade point average of 3.0/4 (B average or above) is required for graduation.
    • Complete all of the courses on the approved Plan of Study within 5 years from the date of first enrollment. Students pursuing full-time typically complete the program in 1.0~1.5 years. 

The Manufacturing Curriculum and Plan of Study web page provides the detailed curriculum requirements and the list of manufacturing related courses that are offered on the UM campus. This web page also provides a link to the Plan of Study form that students complete upon being admitted to the program.

Curriculum and Plan of Study     


USTB Course Approved for Transferring

 Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
5040114  Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2
5040116  Advanced Numerical Control Technology 2
5040118  Digital Shaping and Manufacturing 2
5040140  Priciples of Plastic Processing 2
5230111  Nonlinear System Theories and Control 2
5230114  Intelligent Control Theory and Its Applications 2
5230128  Optimization Methods for Systems and Control 2
5240114  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 2
5240117  Visual Reality Technology 2
5240302  Internet of Things Technology 2
Sample: Plan of Study

Time Savings
Ways to Reduce Your Time in the Program Credit Requirements
Transfer 3 courses (3 courses at 2 credits per course) from USTB 6 Credits
Enroll in the MFG 503 (industrial relevant project) course in the Spring Summer via U-M online course registration and complete the project requirement in China 3 Credits
Only need two full semesters (Fall and Winter) on-campus study to finish remaining 7 courses 21 Credits
Program Total Credit Requirement: 30 Credits 

Administration Contact

If you have any questions about the program requirements, or questions regarding applying to the program, please contact the Graduate Coordinator, Kathy Bishar at

Judy Jin
Judy Jin
Program Director
(734) 763-0519
More about Judy...
Kathy Bishar
Kathy Bishar
Senior Graduate Coordinator
(734) 764-3312
Ying Jin
Ying Jin
National Center for Materials Service Safety
(fax) +86-10-62329915
Prof. Liu Li
Li Liu
School of Advanced Engineering
(fax) +86-10-62334954