• Master of Engineering in Manufacturing


Completing a MFG project course in a manufacturing topic is one of the key requirements of the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing degree. There are two options for completing the project.

A student may choose one or the other.  They are: 

1. MFG 503 Project for students pursuing their degree full-time (not through Tauber Institute), part-time or through distance learning: The MFG 503 project is a hands-on industrially relevant project that may be carried out at a student's current place of employment, carried out in industry with a project provided by ISD, or a student may opt to perform research at the University of Michigan on a topic with industrial relevance. The project is scheduled toward the end of the program and may be carried out in the Fall semester, Winter semester or Spring/Summer semester. 

For more information see Manufacturing Project Requirements. 

2. Project offered full-time through Tauber Institute for Global Operations (Tauber Institute)
An applicant applying for fall admission and interested in meeting the MFG 504 project requirement through the Tauber Institute must simultaneously apply to Tauber Institute when applying to the Master of Engineering in Manufacturing. Projects through the Tauber Institute are hands-on team projects carried out in the Spring/Summer semesters in industry. Projects will be provided by the Tauber Institute. Teams of 23 business and engineering students work full-time on site through the duration of the project. Refer to the Tauber Institute for further details. The Tauber Institute coordinates joint operations and manufacturing activities between the College of Engineering and the Ross School of Business.

For more information visit the Tauber Institute website at http://tauber.umich.edu/prospective-students/apply