• Master of Engineering in Manufacturing

What Students Are Saying

Zuimdie Guerra

"The Program in Manufacturing definitely has met my expectations."

"I like the fact that I can work and still take classes at the same time. The classes are convenient. I can support myself, but can still come to school and further my education. One of the benefits is that I will be able to consider other job options that aren't available to me right now, such as academia in addition to government and industry."

Zuimdie Guerra, Puerto Rico
Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing Program



Christian Brian Bautista

"I used to work for Ford, but I fell in love with the University and the student life and environment."

"It's an opportunity for me to gain multi-cultural experience, language experience, and knowledge. I like the interactive classes and the projects and interacting with other degree students like MBAs. It will help me because I can apply much of the knowledge learned here in real industry."

Christian Brian Bautista, Mexico
Manufacturing Engineering Masters Program



Bradley Vernier

"I like the interdisciplinary nature of the dual degree and the business side of manufacturing."

"I felt I could understand how to strategize about a manufacturing business if I better understood the technical nature of the subject and what happens on the plant floor. Manufacturing is undergoing tough times because of the economy. It needs creative thinking to bring it back."

Bradley Vernier, Michigan
Joint Master of Engineering/MBA in Manufacturing Program



Yuan-Kai Cheng

"There is lots of opportunity."

"I became interested in the program through an Industrial and Operations Engineering professor. I like the interdisciplinary aspect. You set a target and then widen it. You meet intellectual students here and there is a strong global aspect. I have studied abroad in the summer."

Yuan-Kai Cheng, Taiwan
Manufacturing Engineering Masters Program