Online Graduate Programs

Enrollment Options

Graduate courses are available to anyone who currently has an undergraduate degree in engineering. Many students choose to enroll as a Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) as a means of continuous learning in their field or industry, or to supplement their degree/curriculum from another university.

There are two ways to enroll in graduate courses, both on campus and online.

  • Candidate for Degree
  • Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD)

Candidate for Degree

A student who has been accepted into a graduate program is considered a candidate for degree (or a degree-seeking student).

Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD)

Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) is a temporary status whereby new students can be introduced to online learning courses and earn transferable academic credit from the University of Michigan. Students enrolled in graduate degree programs at other institutions often supplement their studies with offerings from the University of Michigan curriculum.

The NCFD status can be changed in a subsequent semester, and allows qualified students to begin their studies before completing a degree application. Students enrolled in online certificate programs also use the NCFD status.

Students must provide a copy of their undergraduate transcript before they can be registered for a course as a NCFD. Students are limited to two courses taken in the NCFD status unless they are enrolled in a degree program at another university.