• UM-KLA Tencor Spring/Summer 2017 Online Graduate Courses

ISD 520 Introduction to Systems Engineering  down arrow
Professor: Robert Bordley

Course Number: ISD 520
Cross Listing: n/a
Credits: 3
Available Seats: 40
 M/W 12:30-2:00pm
Location: 165 CC
Description: Introduction to the systems engineering process used to create multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems with multiple, often conflicting objectives; application to large developmental programs from such diverse areas as civil engineering and transportation, space and missiles, ships and land vehicle systems. Coursework includes homework assignments and projects.

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ISD 599A Software Systems Engineering  down arrow
Professor: David Chesney

Course Number: ISD 599A
Credits: 3
Enrollment Cap: n/a
Description: Advanced concepts and methods for the creation of software systems, dealing with structuring principles, design methodologies, and informal analysis. Emphasis is on process steps that are necessary in the development of large, complex software systems. Material emphasizes systems-level thinking (and builds upon EECS 481 Software Engineering currently offered).

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