Master of Engineering in Pharmaceutical Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Pharmaceutical Engineering Program is currently under review and revision by the College of Engineering. It is currently closed to new students. If you would like to be notified in the event that the application is re-opened, please complete this inquiry form.

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Four Concentration Tracks

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Science

Many opportunities are available for developmental scientists, engineers, and managers who understand bioprocess development, regulatory affairs, and targeted formulation as well as scientific computing, database and information management, and automation skills. These new professionals will use their knowledge throughout biopharmaceutical product and process design, development, and eventual manufacturing and distribution of the atypical pharmaceuticals and novel biomedical combination products. Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Science concentration details.

e-Clinical Science

It is widely believed that the adoption and use of information technology is critical to companies working to satisfy the demands of the drug-development operating environment. "E-clinical" science, engineering, and technologies can reduce data collection and management inefficiencies, improve development planning and management, and accelerate the filing of drugs with regulatory agencies. E-Clinical Science concentration details.

Pharmaceutical Development Science

Scientists and engineers with a thorough "state-of-the-science" knowledge of regulatory requirements, drug delivery challenges and technologies, critical product attributes, and process development, as well as new skills in scientific computing and automation engineering will be able to capitalize on dramatic advances in biomedical research and unprecedented opportunities to address major unmet medical needs. Pharmaceutical Development Science concentration details.

Regulatory Science

Accelerating discoveries in molecular biology and genetics are energizing the development of new and improved pharmaceutical processes, products, and therapeutic agents. As companies work to turn the process of developing new medicines from an art to a well-understood science, there is also a growing opportunity for individuals with regulatory science expertise. Regulatory Science concentration details.