• Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering + Design

Curriculum and Plan of Study


Master's Degree Requirements

Requires 30 total credits of coursework with:

  • At least 21 credits in letter graded (A-E) courses at the 500 level or above.
  • At least 6 credits toward a practicum (Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory).
  • At most, 6 credits total may be in courses at the 400 level.

Course Requirements and Plan of Study

Systems Engineering
+ Design Core


9 credits

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12-15 credits

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6-9 credits

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SE+D Online

Online Projected Schedule and Online Curriculum

Systems Engineering + Design Core (9 credits): Breadth


Student-Selected Electives (12-15 Credits): Depth

Students may take elective courses from across the university, provided the courses are relevant to the student's field of study.

At least 3 credits must come from a systems engineering elective, and at least 3 credits must come from a design-focused elective. The remaining 6-9 credits are at the student's discretion, with program director approval.

Systems Engineering Elective (3 credits)
Design-Focused Elective (3 credits)
Note: if necessary

Other Elective Specialties
Note: Students may develop their own specialties based on their interests. For further course descriptions, go to the College of Engineering Bulletin.


Practicum and Fundamentals (6-9 credits): Practical Application

Students may select one of the following:

  1. 9-credit Practicum
  2. 6-credit Practicum and additional 3-credit elective