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ISD: A Leader in Online Education

Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) is the first University of Michigan academic unit to offer online education, a commitment to distance learning that began in the late 1960's with a satellite television network for students in industry. Adopting online technologies more than twenty years ago, ISD has a rich history and proven track record as a leader in the field.

Through online learning, students from across the globe have access to U-M courses and faculty, offering greater flexibility and convenience—especially for those who work full-time. Students from throughout the United States and from over 50 countries have earned master's degrees through ISD. Upon graduation, ISD online students receive a University of Michigan diploma and join our vibrant alumni community.

ISD is the academic home for the latest distance learning technology, including interactive classrooms, collaborative presentation equipment, expertly crafted software modules, and more. Our online courses are developed as online-by-design (OBD) courses, where faculty, instructional designers, and support staff collaborate to deliver learning experiences that purposefully take advantage of online tools that engage all of our students, whether they are on campus or anywhere in the world.


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Students enjoy the convenience of learning through online courses taught in tandem with on-campus courses: the faculty, programs, and academic rigor are identical. Lectures are recorded on campus and shared online, along with interactive videos of lab demos, site visits, and more.

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Online Professional Programs

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Lecture slides, a dynamic table of contents, and streaming video are part of the user experience in professional online education from ISD. All lectures, exercises, and course materials are online and students can interact with instructors.

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Online Learning Benefits 

  • Self-paced learning
  • Students can structure course timing around their schedule
  • Customizable viewing of lectures
  • Lectures can be reviewed multiple times
  • Active learning (thinking and doing during a lecture)
  • Instructor interaction (students ask instructor questions via email)
  • Instructors answer material-related questions within one day