Proctor Information for Online Learning

All Michigan Engineering students are placed upon their honor during all examinations, written quizzes, computer questions, homework, laboratory reports, and any other work turned in for credit, as required by the instructor.  Online students often take paper-based exams with a proctor, unless the exams are take-home or online.

Students submit proctor names to ISD.  ISD then emails the proctors with detailed information on administering and returning the exam.  Proctors scan or email the completed exam as an attachment, or mail using express tracking service.  Standard mail can never be used.

Please review the FAQs below and on our FAQ webpage for more information about the proctor process.


Who can be my proctor?

 Acceptable Proctors

  • A work supervisor
  • HR representative or training coordinator
  • College or university instructors
  • Public librarians
  • School teachers, administrators, counselors or librarians
  • Educational service officers on military installations
  • American school officials at overseas facilities

Unacceptable Proctors

  • Co-workers or business associates
  • Peers
  • Relatives
  • Friends

 What information is required from my proctor?

Course Number:

Proctor's Full Name:

Proctor's Job Title:

Proctor's Company Name:

Proctor's Company Address:

Proctor's Professional Email Address:

Proctor's Telephone Number:

Proctor's Fax Number:

Where should I submit my proctor information? 

Please complete this online form.

If you have any issues with the form, please contact

Can I change my proctor information after I have already submitted it?

Yes, you can change your proctor information. Please update the online proctor form and send e-mail updates to Please be sure to indicate which course you are referring to (i.e., AUTO 501).

 When will I know if I need a proctor for my course? 

Canvas announcement will go out after the first two weeks of class to all online students in the course. The announcement will list exam dates and the deadline to submit your proctor information.

Do online students take the exam on a different day than the on-campus students?

No, distance learning students take the exam on the same day as our on-campus students unless otherwise indicated by the professor.

When will my proctor receive the exam? 

The exam is sent to proctors typically a day before the exam is scheduled.  Proctors should return the exam within two business days after the scheduled exam unless an alternate date has been approved by the instructor. This is to be sure that our international students overseas receive the exam on time. Exams are distributed when the professor passes on the exam to our proctor liaison.

This is my first time taking on online course.  What is the process for the exam? 

  • The professor gives the exam to the proctor liaison
  • The distance learning liaison e-mails the exam to all of the proctors for the course at least two days before the exam date
  • The proctor administers the exam to you (the student) on the assigned exam date
  • You (the student) will return the exam to your proctor
  • Your proctor will scan and e-mail the exam to
  • The proctor liaison will collect the exams and return them to the professor

I have a work/personal conflict for one of the exams.  Can I take the exam on another day? 

Yes, you can take the exam on a different date. The date must be approved by the professor of the course.  Please be sure to CC: in all your correspondence regarding an alternative date. 

Do I need to resubmit my proctor information if Ive already used a proctor in a previous term?

Yes, you must re-submit your proctor information for every term/course in which you are enrolled.