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  • Introduction to Electrical Energy Storage Online Course

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    Battery Management and Safety for Electric Vehicles Short Course

    This short course provides students with an overview of the fundamental operating principles of batteries and ultra-capacitors from the perspective of automotive applications.

    The ability to efficiently store and discharge electrical energy is a critical requirement for the design of hybrid (HEV), plug-in (PHEV), and battery electric (BEV) vehicles. While the current generation of HEVs are largely based on lower-capacity nickel-metal hydride batteries, the push towards larger all-electric ranges in PHEV and BEV will see increasing use of advanced, high-capacity storage based on Li-ion batteries. This module will provide an overview of the fundamental operating principles of batteries and ultra-capacitors from the perspective of automotive applications.

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    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the basic components of a battery and the fundamental principles governing its operation
    • Become familiar with the materials used in modern lithium-ion batteries and their respective operational characteristics
    • Understand the factors that control battery performance and the primary mechanisms responsible for performance degradation
    • Gain familiarity with advanced energy storage devices such as super-capacitors and metal-air batteries

    Prerequisite Student Knowledge or Experience

    Bachelor's degree in a science, engineering, or technical field.

  • Outline

    Session Topic
    Session 1 Basic Concepts
    Session 2 More Basic Concepts
    Session 3 Factors Affecting Battery Performance
    Session 4 Li-ion Batteries
    Session 5 Degradation Mechanisms
    Session 6 Batteries of the Future
  • Instructors

    Dr. Don Siegel

    Dr. Don Siegel

    Dr. Siegel is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His research interests include development of high-capacity materials and systems for energy storage applications; computational materials science; nanoscale chemistry and its impact on the mechanical properties of materials; thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations; multi-scale modeling; integrated computational materials engineering.

    Prior to joining the U-M faculty, he was a scientist at Ford Motor Company where he led a team of professionals in the company's Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage Materials division. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.