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  • Telematics Online Course

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    Telematics Short Course

    Telematics is increasingly becoming an important component in current and future vehicle platforms. As quicker, more effective forms of communication and data transfers emerge in cellular phones and other digital information interactions, these innovations will inevitably find their way into the automobile. The understanding of telematics, as well as its projected impact on the automotive industry, is crucial to anyone who aims to contribute to the future of automotive systems. Current and future underlying technologies used in telematics applications also will be discussed.

    Vehicle Diagnostics
    Real-Time Traffic Information
    Stolen Vehicle Location
    Crash Notification

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    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the basic elements of telematic systems, including service providers, infrastructure providers, and device manufacturers
    • Understand the current and future services that are possible using telematics
    • Understand the history of telematics and how current telematics systems operate
    • Recognize the different frequencies that are available for telematics applications
    • Understand the factors that affect signal propagation; be able to determine the received power as a function of distance and the distribution of received power
    • Understand standard modulation techniques including BPSK, QPSK, MPSK, QAM
    • Understand different parameters involved in a wireless communication system, and identify the tradeoff between bandwidth efficiency, energy efficiency, and complexity
    • Understand the basic concepts of OFDM and CDMA
    • Understand the evolution of the GSM standard and the CDMA standard
    • Understand the GPS signals and the sources of errors in determining position
    • Interpret various wireless systems and how they fit into the overall telemetric picture

    Prerequisite Student Knowledge or Experience

    Bachelor's degree in a science, engineering, or technical field.

  • Outline

    Session Topic
    Session 1 Introduction and Outline
    Session 2 Overview of Telematics
    Session 3 Frequency Spectrum Issues
    Session 4 Wireless Propagation Issues
    Session 5 Modulation: Part 1
    Session 6 Modulation: Part 2
    Session 7 OFDM
    Session 8 CDMA
    Session 9 Cellular Communications
    Session 10 GPS
  • Instructors

    Dr. Wayne Stark

    Dr. Wayne Stark

    Dr. Wayne Stark is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan. His research interests include communications, information coding theory, spread-spectrum, communications, and mobile communications.

    He received his PhD from the University of Illinois.