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  • Improve Productivity and Performance With Lean Pharmaceutical Training

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    Specifically designed for pharmaceutical manufacturing professionals, this unique course shows how Lean principles can be applied successfully in pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug development. Lean training that is focused on the pharmaceutical industry can pay big dividends by significantly reducing the cost of manufacturing and drug development while increasing throughput, reducing inventories, and cutting cycle times. Implementing Lean processes can improve drug development lead times while reducing associated costs. Case studies illustrate how Lean initiatives can be undertaken in manufacturing and drug development.

    Pharmaceutical Process Manufacturing

    Getting medicines to the market faster and cheaper is the new mantra for the pharmaceutical industry. Cost effectively improving pharmaceutical process manufacturing efficiencies while concurrently seeking effective measures to reduce inefficiencies inherent in the drug development process are key to meeting this industry goal.

    Our Lean Pharmaceutical program provides a framework for identifying waste in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. It provides practical implementation strategies to achieve significant and lasting pharmaceutical manufacturing process improvements enabling your pharmaceutical company to achieve the industry goal of improved medicines with reduced costs.

    Streamlining the Drug Development Process

    Based on a set of production practices derived from the Toyota Production System (TPS), our faculty experts have adapted this successful philosophy to fit the cost reduction and improved efficiency needs of the pharmaceutical industry. After participating in this program your company will benefit in your ability to apply Lean principle skills:

    • To improve throughput, cut inventory and flow times in your pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.
    • Learn how to map drug development processes, identify waste to cut costs and decrease development times.
    • Align metrics with your Lean initiatives to achieve lasting improvements.
  • Components

    Overview & Introduction to Pharmaceutical Development

    • Lean in pharma
    • Applying the Toyota Production Principle to pharma
    • Key performance measures in pharma

    Lean Techniques Applied to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Development

    • Value stream mapping for pharmaceutical manufacturing and development
    • Identifying waste in the current state of the value chain
    • Creating a future state and a lean transformation plan
    • Tracing the root causes of waste
    • Reducing cycle times in pharmaceutical development
    • Increasing throughput in development
    • Internal benchmarking for pharmaceutical operations
    • 5S
    • Setup reduction
    • Total productive maintenance
    • Pull system implementation in pharma
    • Kanban, CONWIP and other pull systems
    • Optimal campaign sizes in pharma variability and its causes in pharma
    • Process and flow variability
    • Downtime, setups and other variability sources
    • Variability and buffers
    • Optimizing inventory, time and capacity buffers
    • Understanding causes of variability in development

    Pharmaceutical Development Case Studies

    • Capacity increase in pilot plants
    • WIP and cycle time reduction in tableting
    • Throughput increase in the bio-pharmaceutical process
    • Cutting down development times

    The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    • Understanding how to extend Lean to the pharma supply chain
    • Extending Lean practices to suppliers
  • Instructors

    Izak Duenyas

    Izak Duenyas

    Izak Duenyas is the John Psarouthakis Professor of Manufacturing Management and Professor of Operations Management at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and holds an appointment at the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering. He also serves as the Chair of the Technology and Operations Area.

    Professor Duenyas is an expert on Lean practices in manufacturing and services. He has worked with many companies including Merck, Pfizer, Teva, Boeing, Xerox, Ford, GM, Cummins, DaimlerChrysler and Steelcase. Dr. Duenyas served as president of the Manufacturing and Services Operations Management Society, 2004-2005 and currently serves as an area editor for Operations Research in manufacturing, service and supply operations.

    Jerry W. Claunch

    ISD Lecturer, University of Michigan College of Engineering
    President and Founder of Claunch & Associates, Inc.

    Jerry W. Claunch is renowned for his leadership and expertise in the areas of set-up time reduction and statistical quality improvements. Mr. Claunch has authored four books and numerous professional journal articles. His book Set-Up Time Reduction, published by McGraw-Hill has been described as authoritative and a manufacturing must read.

    In addition to being a U-M College of Engineering, ISD program lecturer, Mr. Claunch is a highly respected consultant with more than 28 years of implementation experience in set-up time reduction with Claunch & Associates, Inc., a firm he founded in 1983.

  • Key Benefits

    • Learn how to link your pharmaceutical business strategy to day-to-day production details.
    • Focus on operating policies that represent the key leverage points with respect to the bottom line.
    • Work with your system's natural tendencies to develop customized policies for your environment.
    • Increase throughput, reduce cycle times, cut down variations and improve quality.
    • Apply Lean manufacturing techniques that work for the unique needs of your operation.

    Program Fee

    $2,295* Covers the Three-Day Program

    Fee includes tuition, instructional materials, continental breakfast, lunch and a coffee break each day. Fee is payable in advance.* Upon registration, you will receive email confirmation including directions to the program site and recommended lodging.

    * Fee subject to change. Pricing not valid for onsite or custom programs.
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    Hands-On Pharmaceutical Process Manufacturing Simulation

    • Course-related software (participants will receive a spreadsheet to aid in evaluating improvement opportunities in their pharmaceutical value chain)
    • Actual Lean pharmaceutical manufacturing process case studies
    • Computer manufacturing process simulation models

    Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for managers who shape their organization's manufacturing and product development vision, including manufacturing and materials managers who want to formulate an operations strategy and improve their existing systems. It is designed to help managers implement Lean tools in a pharmaceutical environment. It is also beneficial to those seeking to justify the cost of improvement projects in manufacturing or development and seeking a methodology to prioritize improvement projects, predict their benefits in cost, decreased flow times and development times.