• Master Black Belt in Operational Excellence

Detailed Program Overview

Develop a critical blend of core skills in program management and technical problem solving required to be an effective Master Black Belt instructor and Continuous Improvement Leader.

Pre-Course Preparation: May 20 - June 14, 2019

Prepare Black Belt Project Presentation: Each participant will be allotted 15-20 minutes on the first day of class to present a continuous improvement project from their past work experience. The purpose is to share your experiences with your classmates and also to provide an initial assessment of your teaching and presentation skills.

Prepare for Black Belt Lecture teach back: The MBB instructional team will assign you a topic from the Black Belt curriculum for you to teach. For this first session, we want you to prepare and do your best, but we do not expect you to master all the details.

Online Learning Style Survey, Statistics Review, and Optional Basic Minitab Review

Classroom Week 1: June 17-21, 2019

Day 1: Course Overview and Teaching Skills Development

  • Student Black Belt Presentations
  • Creating Effective Presentations
  • Learning Styles
  • Effective Teaching Strategies

Day 2: Teaching Skills Development            

  • Statistics Review/Hypothesis Tests
  • Student Teaching and Feedback
  • Understanding Variable SPC Charts with Minitab exercise

Day 3: Measure Phase – Advanced Statistical Process Control and Measurement Systems                         

  • Time Weighted SPC Charts: CUSUM and EWMA Charts with Minitab exercise
  • Student Teaching and Feedback
  • Advanced Measurement Systems Analysis (Destructive Testing, MSA Using Two Factor ANOVA)

Day 4: Measure Phase – Measurement Systems Analysis/ Case Study Review                               

  • Student Teaching and Feedback
  • Advanced Topics in Process Capability
  • Desirability Index: Multiple Requirements

Day 5: DMAIC Project Management

  • Project Initiating and Planning
  • Project Communication Tools
  • Communication Effectiveness Strategies
  • Six Sigma Deployment Strategies
Online Modules and Exercises: June 24 - August 9, 2019

Sixteen online modules with exercises are to be completed at your own pace between the two classroom sessions. Module topics include:

  • Time Series Models and Forecasting
  • Reliability Testing – Single Component (Reliability Concepts, Bath Tub Curve,
  • Reliability Distribution Fitting, Reliability Analysis)
  • System Reliability (Series, Parallel, k-choose-n redundancy) and Reliability Countermeasures
  • Introduction to Sample Size Planning (Single Statistic, Margin of Error, Coefficient of Variation)
  • Power and Sample Size Planning Estimates for Hypothesis Tests
  • Survey Methods and Analysis Tools
  • Project Management – Project Scheduling and Simulation
  • Project Management – Critical Chain Project Management
  • Project Management – Project Execution and Monitoring (Earned Value, SPI, CPI)
  • Project Management – Human Resource Management
Classroom Week 2: August 12-16, 2019

Day 1: Teaching Skills, Sample Size Planning, and Hypothesis Testing

  • Student Teaching and Feedback
  • Advanced Topics in Hypothesis Testing
  • Measures of Association

Day 2: Teaching Skills and Advanced Regression Techniques

  • Student Teaching and Feedback
  • Multiple Regression and Binary Logistic Regression Minitab exercises
  • Complex Regression Models
  • General Linear Models (GLM)

Day 3: Teaching Skills / Advanced Design of Experiments

  • Student Teaching and Feedback
  • Advanced Factorial Designs
  • Advanced Fractional Factorial DOE Concepts

Day 4: Advanced Design of Experiments / RSM / Multi-Factor Experiments/Taguchi

  • Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
  • Central Composite Design (CCD)
  • Multi-Response Optimization based on Desirability Index
  • Introduction to Taguchi DOE
  • Tolerance Analysis and Simulation

Day 5: Project Mentoring

  • Effective Mentoring Strategies and Challenges
  • Overview of Mentoring and A3 Process (Toyota Kata)
  • Mentoring – Champions and Process Owners vs. Green Belt/Black Belt
Final Candidate Presentation: September 2019

You will demonstrate your teaching skills via WebEx with a final presentation. This can also be done live.  

Certification Exam: September 2019

You will take an online exam to demonstrate your MBB knowledge.

Portfolio Review: June 2020

You will have six months to compile and submit a project portfolio for review.