ISD 522 Systems Engineering Architecture and Design

ISD 522 Course Description

This course focuses on lean systems engineering from systems architecting through systems embodiment. The class will be formed into product development teams of between 4-7 students to design a human powered enclosed vehicle.

On these teams, students will be assigned to key roles such as:
– Body & Structure
– Interior & Climate Control
– Chassis & Power Transfer
– Product Integration

The teams will develop the product architecture and design proposal through key milestones during the semester. The class lectures will discuss the philosophy and methods for optimizing products as well as guide students through the use of lean system engineering tools leading to the ever more detailed design solutions each product team will propose, refine and evaluate against the requirements by the end of the semester. Each student will submit an Evidence Book of the work they have done periodically during the semester as homework. Each team will jointly prepare a mid‐term project status review and present their project to the class at end of the semester.


ISD 520 Systems Engineering Overview (Recommended, but Not Required)
ISD 521 (Recommended, but Not Required)

System Requirements

Michigan Engineering IT Recommendation for Personal Computer Requirements.

Course Availability

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