2018 Integrative Systems + Design Departmental Faculty Award

ISD congratulates Dr. Suljo Linic on winning the 2018 Integrative Systems + Design Departmental Faculty Award. This honor is bestowed upon faculty who achieve ?high impact accomplishment in some meritorious area benefiting the Division and College.? Dr. Linic joins a prestigious group of his colleagues who have won this distinction in the past.

Dr. Linic has been a part of the University of Michigan since 2004, Dr. Linic’s impact on ISD as Program Director of Energy Systems Engineering has been invaluable. Beyond his work at the university, Dr. Linic also heads The Linic Research Group, which applies first principles theoretical tools (electronic structure DFT calculations, ab initio kinetic and thermodynamic simulations) and various experimental tools (surface science, in-situ reactor studies, electron microscopy, et cetera) to study chemical transformations on surfaces. All of Dr. Linic?s impressive accomplishments contributed to the committee?s decision to recognize him with this award.

In addition to being recognized at the College of Engineering Faculty Honors Dinner on March 24, Dr. Linic will be honored at the 2018 ISD Spring Graduation and Awards Recognition event on April 27, where he will receive the award.

Congratulations to Dr. Suljo Linic!