ANNOUNCING – Principles of Optimal Design: Modeling and Computation, 3rd Edition

Integrative Systems + Design Chair and Professor Panos Y. Papalambros has published the third edition of his textbook Principles of Optimal Design: Modeling and Computation. The book is authored along with Douglass J. Wilde, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, California. The first edition was released in 1988, and the second edition in 2000.

In the book’s preface, Prof. Papalambros writes:

Design of products and systems is recognized as an important element of a vibrant economy and an innovative society. More importantly, there is increased awareness that the many big problems we face today, such as environmental sustainability, can be addressed through thoughtful design and up-front assessment of the trade-offs involved, rather than as remedial efforts made after the fact. Understanding and quantifying such trade-offs to support our collective decision making means that design optimization is now more important than ever. Optimal design is the goal not only of engineering, but also of every other social effort to shape our world.    

This textbook focuses on the intimate relationship between the mathematical model that describes a design and the solution methods that optimize it. Along with extensive material on modeling problems, the new edition features useful techniques for checking whether a model is suitable for computational treatment. Key concepts are discussed in the context of why and when a particular algorithm may be successful. There are a large number of examples and step-by-step instructions for executing a design optimization project.Prof. Papalambros currently serves as the editor of Design Science journal. To date, he has published over 320 articles in journals, conference proceedings, and books. Prof. Papalambros is a recipient of the ASME Design Automation Award (1998), ASME Machine Design Award (1999), Japan SME Design and Systems Achievement Award (2004), ASME Joel and Ruth Spira Outstanding Design Educator Award (2007), and the Stephen S. Attwood Award (highest engineering honor in the University of Michigan, 2009).