Artistic and Accomplished, ISD Grad Garners Well-Earned Attention

Whether leading an artist collective or seeking out investment opportunities for GM’s venture capital wing, ISD alumna Alisyn Malek is helping reshape Detroit and the industry that defines it.

In a recent Q&A with, the 2012 ISD graduate discusses her current position at GM Ventures, the state’s wealth of technological and automotive talent, and her own dynamic involvement outside of the workplace.

“From working for the executive responsible for all of electrification and helping with planning, to my current position in GM Ventures—where I explore new opportunities for GM to invest in companies with the potential to help our business—I have been able to explore my own interests and passions while under the GM umbrella,” Alisyn says in the interview. 

After graduating from U-M with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, Alisyn went to work on the Chevrolet Volt as a GM intern while simultaneously earning her Energy Systems Engineering master’s degree from ISD—a program available entirely online, ideal for full-time professionals. Alisyn’s exposure to new technology and “the automotive ecosystem” rapidly translated into the exciting position she holds today, which has given her a unique perspective on Michigan’s important role in the evolving market.

“If you want a physical object designed and manufactured, Michigan is the place to do it,” she says. “I think Michigan has a huge amount of talent. We have the greatest density of product designers in the U.S., if not the world.”

In addition to her wealth of knowledge and seemingly endless career potential, Alisyn also points to a creative and highly involved life outside of the auto industry—ranging from art to music to community gardening.