Dr. Robert Bordley earns Ramsey Medal

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences recognized Dr. Robert Bordley with the Frank P. Ramsey Medal

The award is given for distinguished contributions in decision analysis. Distinguished contributions can be internal, such as theoretical or procedural advances in decision analysis, or external, such as developing or spreading decision analysis in new fields. 

Dr. Bordley, Program Director, Systems Engineering and Design, Integrative Systems + Design, was excited and honored to receive this award.

Dr. Bordley has also received the decision analysis best publication award and the Distinguished Educator Award of the Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society. 

“We are so proud of Dr. Bordley and the recognition he has received in earning this award,” said Dr. Diann Brei, Chair and Professor, Integrative Systems + Design. “This is testament to his many accomplishments and the preeminent leadership he has shown on behalf of ISD and Systems Engineering and Design.”