From Ann Arbor to Aichi: ISD Master’s Student Interns at Toyota Boshoku

Terris LO Ting Cheong was looking for a Master’s degree that combined automotive and manufacturing engineering and—through an online search—found such a program at Michigan Engineering. A few months later, he packed his bags and moved from Hong Kong to the heart of the American auto industry to study in the Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering (GAME) program at the University of Michigan. Through the GAME program, Terris—who will graduate in December 2014—has the opportunity to intern in the heart of the Asian auto industry this summer, at Toyota Boshoku in Japan. The company, a member of the Toyota Group, develops and produces interior components, filtration, and powertrain components.

Terris will be at a plant in Aichi, Japan from June 16-August 29 working in the Production Control Division. He explains what his focus area, make versus buy analysis, entails: “When a component of a product is to be produced, we consider whether it should be produced in-house or at another company. This decision is based on a lot of factors, such as cost, logistics, timing, etc.” Terris will spend his time in Aichi understanding the methodology behind the analysis and decision.

Terris says that the internship is an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of a production environment through hands-on practice. “It?s a great experience to be in the two foundations of manufacturing in the world. I?m very excited to be here in Michigan and to work in Japan this summer.”