Integrative Systems + Design 2017 Graduation and Awards Recognition

Brittany Ann Szczepanik addresses the audience at the ISD 2017 Graduation and Awards Recognition ceremony.

On Friday, April 28, 2017 Integrative Systems + Design hosted the 2017 Graduation and Awards Recognition. The celebration honored graduating students, award recipients, and Sigma Theta Mu Systems Honor Society inductees.

The ceremony included remarks from Professor and Chair Panos Papalambros and Professor and Design Science Program Director Diann Brei. Professor Papalambros described the unique, multidisciplinary qualities of an ISD degree, which provides a broader perspective than a classical program: “Now that you have a solid foundation in one of the disciplines, how do you look at how this fits in the bigger scheme of things?  How does it serve society better?”  The ISD degree combines systems, design, and business thinking so students can apply their degrees into industry.

Graduating students Brittany Ann Szczepanik, Master of Engineering Energy Systems Engineering, and Francesco Bianchini, Master of Engineering Manufacturing, also addressed the audience.  Both spoke fondly of their time as ISD students and the community they created.  Brittany noted, “Collaboration is woven into the fabric of UM.” Before beginning her classes at ISD, Brittany described feeling intimidated at the idea of competing with top students from around the world.  Quickly, she realized she had nothing to be afraid of.  “The real benefit is that I get to work alongside them, and learn from them.”  

Francesco elaborated on Brittany’s sentiment.  “It didn’t take me long to realize I had become part of a family, not just a lab group,” he said. Before concluding his remarks, Francesco left his peers with a call to action: “It’s our time to go out there and make a positive difference.”

Congratulations to all the students honored at Friday’s ceremony.

For a list of all graduates and award recipients, please visit the ISD website.  To watch the full Graduation and Awards Recognition ceremony, please click here.   

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