ISD Hosts Monthly Instructional Design Interest Group

ISD hosted the July meeting of the U-M all-campus Instructional Design Special Interest Group (ID-SIG) to a healthy turnout of participants. The SIG’s co-chairs, Dave Nassar and Irene Knokh, teamed up with Virginia Hamori-Ota, ISD’s Instructional Design & Program Development Officer, to plan a full morning of activities and networking opportunities aimed at fostering cross-campus collaboration. 

Dave kicked off the meeting by giving a brief summary of the impetus for the event, before discussing the goals of sharing methods and techniques for working with faculty. A group brainstorm activity with sticky-notes allowed attendees to compare and contrast opportunities and challenges for instructional support across U-M units. The introductory exercise concluded with a video about online teaching and learning. 

To prepare the participants for a tour of ISD’s Chrysler Center facilities, Virginia presented several templates used for working with faculty on course design, namely ISD’s process for starting the conversation with faculty using the Course Planning Worksheet and Learning Outcomes Worksheet based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. She also spoke about ISD’s use of regular mid-term student feedback (MSF) to ensure continuous improvement in course delivery.  

The ISD course support team then conducted rotating tours of the division?s Technology Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms and mini-studio. Among the features showcased by ISD staff included its lightboard (a transparent chalkboard that enables instructors to write notes while facing the camera); the engineering and design of the control rooms and classroom build; and the ways in which ISD?s instructional support team works with faculty on instructional design. 

The final hour concluded with round-table discussions on three themes. Virginia led the discussion on Engaging Off-Campus and On-Campus Learners; Dave led a group discussing Working as an ID in Non-Academic Units – Challenges and Opportunities; and Irene?s group focused on Collaboration with U-M?s Digital Education and Innovation (DEI).  

To learn more about ISD?s learner-centered technology, check out the William Davidson Institute?s feature, Pedagogy-Driven Innovation / A Spotlight on U-M’s Integrative Systems + Design.