ISD Student Earns First Place at 2016 Engineering Graduate Symposium

ISD is proud to announce a special achievement by Doctor of Engineering student Pooya Alavian. On November 11, Pooya earned first prize in the Industrial, Operations, and Financial Engineering (IOF) category of the 2016 Engineering Graduate Symposium. The Engineering Graduate Symposium is a college-wide platform for showcasing research conducted by graduate students. This year the event featured 200 presenters in total. Pooya was one of fifteen presenters in the IOF group. Students were required to submit a visual representation of their work, and present their topic orally. Three faculty members from the Department of Industrial & Operations Engineering served as judges: Ruiwei Jiang, Joi-Lynn Mondisa, and Mathew Plumlee.

Pooya presented his research on a new class of flexible manufacturing known as Multi-Job production (MJP). MJP systems are networks that process multiple types of products on a shared production line. These systems are widely used in automotive assembly plants, as well as in the home appliance and computer industries.

Pooya began his pursuit of a doctoral degree in the fall of 2013 and is simultaneously pursuing a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Pooya has been conducting research alongside his advisor, Professor Semyon Meerkov.

Congratulations, Pooya!