ISD Student Receives Ford Motor Company/Tauber Manufacturing Institute Fellowship

For Integrative Systems + Design (ISD) student David Sachs, engineering is about a personal love of learning. “Studying and practicing engineering is a daily exercise in learning about the world,” he says. It’s about “gaining skills, and trying things, all of which lead to a job where there is always an opportunity to grow.” David knows all about taking advantage of opportunities. He is the recipient of a Ford Motor Company/Tauber Manufacturing Institute Fellowship in the amount of $5,000 as part of his admission into the prestigious and highly competitive Tauber Institute for Global Operations. “The Tauber Institute is possibly the most powerful learning experience I have ever had,” says David.

The Tauber Institute is a collaboration between the College of Engineering and the Ross School of Business that stems back to 1993. Students take operations courses, tour corporate facilities, attend leadership workshops, and more. Of special importance is a paid 14-week Team Project that takes place over the summer. Team Projects are especially designed for Tauber students, and provide the opportunity for members to solve real problems with company sponsors. For students interested in the world of manufacturing, these projects offer unparalleled exposure to the industry.

That will surely serve David well down the road. He is currently pursuing a Master of Engineering degree in Manufacturing through ISD. The degree was attractive to David because of the variety of topics he can study. As he puts it, “My degree lets me learn about the business of manufacturing, the math behind lean and Six Sigma, and the science behind steel cutting techniques and additive manufacturing.” He considers the chance to work with both engineering and business professors through the Tauber Institute to be particularly valuable. The institute has shown him “an entire other side of manufacturing that is rarely taught to engineers.”

David plans to work as an operations excellence specialist after his graduation in December 2016. Operations excellence, he says, focuses on “improving things like team communication and how departments interact.” He is drawn to the field because “there is always a new and interesting problem to work on. I enjoy feeling that I’m continually contributing to something.”

David has already made significant contributions to his community. During his time as an undergraduate student at the University of Dayton, David managed a program that assisted 600 first-year engineering students in their college transition. He also has significant volunteering experience, and has interned with Cummins and Magpul Industries. Combine all of that with the exciting possibilities afforded by the Tauber Institute and the fellowship, and by the time David graduates next December, he will be ready for anything.