ISD's Classroom Innovation Earns the Spotlight

ISD’s cutting-edge, learner-centered classroom technology took center stage this month in an article featured by the William David Institute (WDI), a U-M-based non-profit research and educational organization focused on providing private-sector solutions in emerging markets.

Entitled Pedagogy-Driven Innovation / A Spotlight on U-M’s Integrative Systems + Design, the piece sheds light on ISD’s innovative teaching tools, reconfigurable classrooms, and quality-focused instructional design, among other attributes.

“Sometimes, however, pioneering work is happening just down the street,” the article begins. “To accommodate students taking courses both online and face-to-face – sometimes with the same course serving both sets of students simultaneously – ISD has developed some first-rate tools.”

The article goes on to highlight one of ISD’s most practical and engaging online teaching mechanisms: the lightboard. As the writer points out, the lightboard—built from scratch based on open-source design—enables instructors to “elaborate on and annotate charts, graphs, and slides,” without interruption to face time.

In keeping with WDI’s focus on educational solutions in emerging markets, the piece concludes: “With creative, passionate people on board, a pedagogical posture, and a unique departmental commission driven by the variety of student needs, ISD shows…a way to think innovatively and transformatively about education.”