Jim Freudenberg Talks Software Complexity on The Car Doctor

Prof. Jim Freudenberg, Director of the Automotive Engineering program and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan, was interviewed on The Car Doctor radio show on Saturday about the complexity of software used in today’s cars. Freudenberg shared how he began teaching vehicle software 15 years ago after a former student who worked for Ford said he was struggling to find engineers that had the skills required to write the software needed.

In a recent Discovery News article, Freudenberg says that the average new Ford has 10 million lines of code. This software controls everything from antilock brakes to seat warmers. Talking with Ron Ananian, host of The Car Doctor, Freudenberg spoke about the problems that can come from having that much code. Software with 10 million lines of code could have a lot of bugs in it. The really difficult thing is that some of these bugs may only happen very rarely, so they’re difficult to find.

The interview is available on The Car Doctor website, and begins at minute 19 on the May 3 podcast.