Meet 2022 ISD Outstanding Capstone Award Winner Jacob Doyle

Jacob Doyle, a recent graduate of the ISD Energy Systems Engineering program, is the recipient of the 2022 ISD Outstanding Capstone Award. Doyle began his journey with ISD last winter as a Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies student while completing his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at the University of Michigan.

The award, which is given out annually, seeks to celebrate the capstone design project with the most impact, application, and quality. Capstone projects allow ISD students the opportunity to cap off their ISD education by applying the skills and knowledge they’ve gained to a real-world issue, potentially improving on the current state.

Focused on Efficiency

Doyle’s Capstone project examined energy demands in direct air capture systems, seeking to create a more efficient operation process.

“My capstone focused on comparing a microwave-induced carbon dioxide desorption method to traditional desorption heating techniques in direct air capture systems,” Doyle said. “I worked under PhD candidate Tae Lim, where I applied Tae’s research in microwave regeneration and developed various process maps to determine if Tae’s method could be implemented in current direct air capture systems to reduce energy demand, process time and overall costs.”

This Capstone work helped further Doyle’s focus in the field of renewable energy, an area where Doyle learned a great deal during his ISD studies.

“The ISD program introduced me to a large range of topics and expanded my knowledge within renewable energy, how our current energy infrastructure operates and how we can contribute to effectively transition our grid to cleaner sources of energy,” Doyle said. “ISD enhanced my understanding of the importance of the transition to clean energy and how we must continue to innovate and create economically feasible energy options to meet our carbon neutral goals.

“I will be able to apply what I have learned from ISD to create effective and sustainable solutions in the renewable energy field as I begin my career at RWE Renewables this summer.”

Instructors as Mentors

Doyle’s work with ISD instructors also helped lead to this culminating Capstone.

“What stood out most during my time in ISD was Dr. Max Shtein’s lecture on Energy, Solar Electricity and Organic Photovoltaics,” Doyle said. “Dr. Shtein quantified the potential for solar energy and the importance of continuing to innovate and develop new technology in order to meet our goals. He illustrated how far we have come and the steps we need to take to meet our current challenges. It was a key moment for me in energy systems engineering and something I continue to think about as I begin my career in renewable energy.”

The impact of support from ISD instructors will last long after graduation for Doyle.

“ISD also introduced me to Professor Christian Lastoskie,” he said. “Professor Lastoskie was the biggest influence on me during my graduate education and solidified my passion to continue my career in the renewable energy industry. He prepared me to look at our current energy challenges from a diverse and wide scope and the importance of continuing to adapt in order to face these challenges.”

Congratulations and best of luck to Doyle in his future endeavors!