Student Profile – Dow Sustainability Fellow Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn is going to improve the world’s energy systems  — and he’s not waiting until graduation to get started. Currently an ISD Energy Systems Engineering student, Kevin recently earned the distinction of being named a Dow Sustainability Fellow. The program encourages fellows to focus on a variety of sustainability challenges and to work on those challenges by engaging in a year-long group project.

After reading about the Dow Sustainability Fellowship, Kevin immediately believed the program would be a great fit. He explained that “over the last several years, [he has] become increasingly concerned about the consequences that climate change will have on our world, people, and societies”. The opportunity to work alongside fellow students from various disciplines on a sustainability project seemed like a great way for him to take action on his beliefs. After learning of his acceptance, Kevin was thrilled at the news and  “excited to meet and work with people who share[d] [his] values around sustainability.” Not only would these students share Kevin’s passion, but they would also offer unique insights because of their diverse academic disciplines. For Kevin, this aspect of the program mattered a lot, as he felt that “solutions to problems that are as complex as those we find in sustainability” should be created by teams composed of people “hailing from different academic disciplines…with different perspectives.”

As of the end of February, Kevin and his project team were working to finalize their sustainability project topic. Once the topic is finalized, the team will partner with the appropriate stakeholders in order to complete a meaningful solution to whichever problem they decide to tackle. In addition to working on a project, Dow Fellows also participate in sustainability workshops and seminars throughout the year.

Following the completion of his team’s project and his December 2018 graduation, Kevin plans to continue contributing to the renewable energy field: “I believe that climate change is the dominant challenge of our time, and I plan to work wherever I can have an impact on preventing or fostering resilience towards climate change…Through a career in this type of work, I hope to meet the needs and expectations for people today, while preserving the ability for future generations to continue to thrive.” That drive, which he is already utilizing as a student, will likely lead to actions that will improve the energy systems upon which we all depend.