Student Profile – Lukas Mueller

What made Lukas Mueller go into engineering? Initially, his love for cars!

More importantly, Lukas was inspired to help people and build things that matter. “I am driven to understand and solve problems, and to create products that enrich, excite, and help people,” says Lukas. “I am learning to make vehicles environmentally friendly, safer, more efficient, more comfortable, and more appealing.”

So far, Lukas’ passion has taken him far. It’s brought him to another continent to earn an ISD Master of Engineering in Automotive Engineering degree, all the way from Stuttgart, Germany. His hard work has also earned him a Fulbright Scholarship and an ISD Engineering Master’s Fellowship. Lukas has focused his studies on areas of hybrid and electric vehicles. He is also working for Daimler Trucks North America in Detroit on medium and heavy duty diesel engines.

In addition to academic achievement, Lukas has been enriched by social and cultural lessons learned on campus. The diversity of the ISD student body, as well as a collaborative learning process, has made a big impact. “All my project teams were comprised of students from more than three different nationalities,” Lukas noted. “Occasionally, this created a challenge, but it also resulted in the biggest learning experience and an area of personal growth.”

Lukas will graduate in December 2017, and plans to move back to Germany and continue research at the RWTH Aachen University, where he will obtain a Master of Science degree. Later, Lukas hopes to work in Asia or South America for a German automotive company, like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Porsche. When speaking about the future, Lukas is very philosophical. “Life is not all about building the best cars,” say Lukas. “It will be the responsibility of my generation to solve the current emissions and transportation issues that today’s world is facing.”