Welcome To Campus: Resilience

Returning to campus is an exciting time for some, but for others this can be a big change, especially after the difficult year we have been through and starting our new normal. Luckily the University has resources for you at their disposal. As this new school year begins, focusing on coping and resilience is a great first step as we are back on campus and trying to come out of the past year. 

Stress has been the main cause of issue for most of the world during our time with COVID-19. Resiliency though can help through this, as it’s the ability to recover from something difficult quickly and have elasticity. 

Some helpful tips on how to have resiliency can be found here

Self Care Resources
We recognize that and want to provide you with some resources and tips from the University that may be helpful. As always please know that we are here for you and you can reach out to us at any time.