DESCI 501 (MECHENG 455): Analytical Product Design

DESCI 501 (MECHENG 455): Analytical Product Design

Credits: 3


The design of artifacts is addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes engineering, art, psychology, marketing, and economics. Using a decision-making framework, emphasis is placed on understanding basic quantitative methods employed by the different disciplines for making design decisions, and on the interdisciplinary interactions throughout the design development process, Students work in teams to apply the methods on a design project from concept generation to prototyping and design verification. The course is open to all seniors and graduate students (3 or 4 credits). ME seniors must register for ME455 either to satisfy the ME450 capstone requirement (4 credits) or as an elective (3 credits). All graduates (ME, DESCI, other) must register for DESCI 501 as an elective (3 credits).


Familiarity with undergraduate math requirements typical in science and engineering programs is expected. ME seniors must satisfy all ME450 prerequisites and other constraints. Non-ME students must have senior or graduate standing and should consult the instructor to confirm they have a suitable background for the course.


Michigan Engineering IT Recommendation for Personal Computer Requirements.

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