AUTO 513/MFG 513 (MECHENG 513): Automotive Body Structures

AUTO 513/MFG 513 (MECHENG 513): Automotive Body Structures

Course Description

This course is designed to help students gain insight into auto body structural behavior and the relationship to the vehicle. It emphasizes the body concept for design using first order modeling of thin walled structural elements. It also considers the practical application of solid/structural mechanics to design automotive bodies for global bending, torsion, vibration, crashworthiness, topology, material selection, packaging, and manufacturing constraints.

Students will be assigned six quantitative problem assignments as homework in order to apply their new knowledge to real auto design situations. There will also be one mini design group project where students create a body structure concept that meets a given vehicle package and customer segment.



System Requirements

Michigan Engineering IT Recommendation for Personal Computer Requirements.

For more information about when this course will be offered, please see the ISD current and projected course schedules at the link below.

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