Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series

Smart Manufacturing Seminar Series: Digital Twins: Driving 21st Century Transformation

Monday, June 20, 2022

Noon - 1 p.m.

2300 FRB, Robotics Building, 2505 Hayward Street, or join us virtually through Zoom


Dr. Michael Grieves, Digital Twin Institute


Digital Twin development is driving the transformation of organizations today and beyond. Enabled by the rapid advances in information technology, Digital Twins are the implementation of moving work from the physical world into the virtual world. Digital Twins are intended to both replace and mirror the events of the physical world and provide a probabilistic window into the future.
By substituting information for wasted physical resources, Digital Twins drive more effective and efficient decisions. Digital Twins are being proposed and considered for a wide variety of industries and many aspects of human activity. Critical to the adoption and success of Digital Twin is understanding what are Digital Twins and their virtual environment, their use over the entire lifecycle of their physical counterparts, and their potential and challenges. If Digital Twins continue on their current trajectory, they promise to transform not only industries but many aspects of society at large.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Michael Grieves is an internationally renowned expert on Digital Twins, a concept that he originated, and organizational digital transformation. His focus is on product development, engineering, systems engineering and complex systems, manufacturing, especially additive manufacturing, and operational sustainment. Dr. Grieves has written the seminal books on Product Lifecycle Management and the seminal papers and chapters on Digital Twins. He has consulted and/or done research at some of the top global organizations, including NASA, Boeing, Unilever, Newport News Shipbuilding, and General Motors. Dr. Grieves earned his BS in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University, an MBA from Oakland University, and his doctoral degree from Case Western Reserve University.