SI-North Commons

  • ISD Common Areas: Please note that all ISD common areas are closed for general use; only designated areas for advising and faculty office hours will be open at this time.
  • Convergence Room (COVID-19 capacity = 4): The convergence room is located on the second floor behind the reception desk. It has tables, white boards, and a large monitor with augmented webcam. Please note that the kitchen area will not be accessible during this time.
  • Design Science Studio: (COVID-19 capacity = 3): The Design Science Studio is a creative space with tables, white boards on all walls, large monitor with augmented webcam,  etc.
  • Restrooms: There are restrooms on all floors accessible by faculty and staff with MCard. Students are limited to the 1st floor bathrooms accessible by the front lobby stairs and elevator (capacity of 1).
  • Offices: Faculty and staff offices are located on the 2nd floor, and available only upon approval. Only the faculty member and no others are able to use these. Face masks must be worn except when the door is closed.
  • Chrysler GSI/Lecturer Office – Room 109A in Chrysler is available by scheduled request only for ISD GSIs and Lecturers. Email requests to
  • SI-North ISD Lecturer Office: requests by ISD Lecturers to utilize this office for scheduled times and purposes can be sent to
  • For All ISD offices:
    • Maximum occupancy one person
    • Door must remain closed at all times
    • Can be used for mission-critical instructional and advising activities such as:  as a temporary “touch-down” space, i.e. before or after in-person classes; as a place to conduct remote office hour meetings with students.
  • MCard access only to authorized personnel
  • Available for scheduled use by ISD GSIs or lecturers
  • As a temporary “touch-down” space, i.e. before or after in-person classes
  • As a place to conduct remote office hour meetings with students
COVID 19 Update and Resources