Automotive Engineering – Program Prerequisites

Prerequisites for admission

Prerequisites for admission include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related science.
  • At least two years of college engineering mathematics and science (including calculus, physics, differential equations, chemistry).
  • Undergraduate coursework in at least three of the core areas of automotive engineering (power and propulsion, dynamics and controls, aerodynamics and structural mechanics, and electronics).
  • The equivalent of 18 months of full-time industrial engineering experience at the start of the program and understanding how organizations work from a business perspective.
    • Co-op programs are considered, work study is not
    • Participation in school type activities are not equivalent (e.g., SAE Baja team or Formula 1 team or solar car)
    • Hobby activities do not count
    • SUGS, UM undergraduates and domestic Bachelor of Science in Engineering students with exceptionally strong Auto related undergraduate records are encouraged to apply; these candidates will be considered for admission with a waived work requirement.
  • Please refer to ISD’s Application Materials webpage for the full list of required application materials.