Automotive Engineering – Program Curriculum

Curriculum and Plan of Study

30 credit hours, at least 18 credits at the 500 level, and at least 24 graded. Minimum GPA 3.0/4.0 required for graduation.

The Master of Engineering (MEng) in Automotive Engineering can be completed in 1-2 years on a full-time basis. Part-time students on average complete the degree in 2.5 years but are allowed up to 5 years.

An asterisk (*) indicates the course is available online or on campus. All classes without an asterisk are available on campus only.

Please note: Projected course offerings are subject to change. 

Course descriptions are available on the Michigan Engineering Course Guide & Bulletin.

AUTO Online
Online Projected Schedule and Online Curriculum

Number Title Offering Credits

Engineering Core (9 credits)
Courses must be taken in at least 2 of the 3 areas

ISD 599L (MECHENG 438) Internal Combustion Engines  Fall 4
MECHENG 538  Advanced Internal Combustion Engines  Winter  3
AUTO 563* Dynamics and Controls of automatic Transmissions  Winter (Odd Years) 3
AUTO 566 (MECHENG 566) 

Modeling Analysis and Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles  Winter  3
Structures and Dynamics
ISD 599 AUTO 599 Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics Winter 3
MECHENG 542* Vehicle Dynamics  Winter  3
AUTO 513 MFG 513 (MECHENG 513)

Automotive Body Structures  Fall (Even Years) 
Spring/Summer (odd years)
Electrical Systems and Software
EECS 418  Power Electronics  Fall 4
EECS 419*  Electri Machinery and Drives  Winter 4
EECS 461  Embedded Control Systems  Winter, Fall 4

Engineering Electives (9 credits)
At least 6 credits must come from a selected specialty area.

ISD 599L (MECHENG 438) Internal Combustion Fall  4
MECHENG 538  Advanced Internal Combustion Engines Winter  3
AUTO 566 (MECHENG 566)  Modeling Analysis and Control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Winter  3
MECHENG 432  Combustion  No Recent Offerings  3
MECHENG 532  Advanced Combustion No Recent Offerings  3
AUTO 533 (MECHENG 433)  Advanced Energy Solutions Fall* (except Fall 2019), Winter 3
AUTO 563*  Dynamics and Control of Automatic Transmissions  Winter (Odd Years) 3
ISD 599I (CHE 696)  Fuel Cells and Fuel Processors  Fall (Even Years)
Spring/Summer (Odd Years)
Dynamics and Control
MECHENG 440  Intermediate Dynamics and Vibrations   Winter 3
MECHENG 540  Intermediate Dynamics   Fall  3
ISD 599 AUTO 599 Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics  Winter 3
ISD 599G (MECHENG 599) Dynamics and Control of Connected Vehicles  Winter 3
AUTO 542 (MECHENG 542) Vehicle Dynamics   Winter  3
MECHENG 560  Modeling Dynamic Systems   Fall  3
AUTO 563* Dynamics and Control of Automatic Transmissions   Winter  3
MECHENG 568  Vehicle Control Systems   Fall (Even Years)  3
ISD 599N (MECHENG 569) Control of Advanced Powertrain Systems  Fall 3
ISD 565 (MECHENG 565) Battery Systems and Control  Winter  3
EECS 460  Control Systems Analysis and Design  Fall, Winter  4
MECHENG 461  Automatic Control  Fall, Winter  3
EECS 561/
Digital Control System  Winter  3
EESC 560/
Linear Systems Theory  Winter, Fall  3
EECS 565  Linear Feedback Control System  Winter  3
EECS 568  Mobile Robotics: Methods and Algorithms  Winter  4
EECS 568  Mobile Robotics: Methods and Algorithms  Winter  4
ROB 535/MECHENG 599/NAVARCH 565/EECS 498 Self Driving Cars: Perception and Control Fall 3
Noise, Vibration and Harshness
MECHENG 440  Intermediate Dynamics and Vibrations  Winter  4
MECHENG 540  Intermediate Dynamics  Fall  3
MECHENG 524  Advanced Engineering Acoustics  Fall   3
MECHENG 541  Mechanical Vibrations  Fall  3
ISD 599 (NAVARCH 515)  Residual Stress and Distortion in Modern Manufacturing  Fall  3
MATSCIE 420  Mechanical Behavior of Materials  Fall  3
MFG 514 (MATSCHIE 514)  Composite Materials  Winter  3
MECHENG 517  Mechanics of Polymers I  Winter  3
MECHENG 571  Energy Generation and Storage Using Modern Materials  Fall, Spring/Summer 3
Electronics and Software
EECS 418  Power Electronics Fall  3
ISD 599 (EECS 419)  Electric Machinery and Drives Winter  3
EECS 504 Foundations of Computer Vision  Fall, Winter  3
EECS 505 Computational Data Science & Machine Learning  Fall  4
EECS 461 Embedded Control Systems  Fall, Winter  3
EECS 498 Grid Integration of Alternative Energy Sources  Winter 3
MECHENG 552 Mechatronics  Fall  3

Management and Human Factors (6 credits) 

IOE 437 Automotive Human Factors  Fall 3
MFG 461 (IOE 461)*
Quality Engineering Principles and Analysis  Fall  3
IOE 533/
MFG 535 
Human Motor Behavior and Engineering Systems  Fall  3
ISD 523 (IOE 561)* Risk analysis I Winter 3
ISD 520* Introduction to Systems Engineering   Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer
ISD 514 AUTO 514 [ISD 559F]* Vehicle Crashworthiness and Occupant Protection Fall
ISD 522 [ISD 599D]* Systems Architecting, Concept Development & Embodiment Design  Winter 
ISD 527 MFG 527 [MFG 599B]*
Designing in Quality: A Design for Six Sigma  Winter 

Automotive Engineering and Seminar and Capstone Project (6 credits) 

AUTO 501* Integrated Vehicle Systems Design Fall, Spring/Summer (Even Years) 3
AUTO 503* Automotive Engineering Project Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer 3


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