Spring/Summer 2022 Graduate Courses

The following ISD courses are being offered for Spring/Summer 2022.  The majority are offered as online sections only, but some may have an on-campus section as well.  ISD students can elect each term to take courses either online or on-campus (but not both).  Click on the course description link below to learn more about each individual course offering.

Registration Info: Information on how to register can be found at ISD Course Registration. Please refer to the University’s Office of the Registrar calendar for registration time periods for continuing and newly admitted students.

Note that when courses are cross-listed with another department, ISD students should register for the ISD section which will begin with AUTO, ESENG, ISD, or MFG.

For information on academic year dates, see the Office of the Registrar calendars.

Questions?  Contact isdgradcoords@umich.edu.

Spring/Summer Term Important Dates:

Last day to register without incurring $50 late registration fee* May 2, 2022
Classes begin May 3, 2022
Last day to withdraw with disenrollment fee ($130) only May 23, 2022
Last day to withdraw with 50% tuition reduction May 23, 2022
Last day of classes Aug. 19, 2022