Chad Wilson

  • Status: Ph.D. Pre-Candidate
  • Advisors: Bogdan Epureanu
  • Description of Research: My research interest is in the design of complex systems. More specifically, I aim to understand which design attributes and methodologies can lead to desirable, emergent behavior in complex systems and systems-of-systems.
  • Keywords: design, systems architecture, systems engineering, design methodology
  • Research Disciplines: Engineering Design and Complex Systems
  • Awards: Design Science Fellowship
  • Funding: DoD Academic-Long Term Training Grant
  • Publications:
    Ronnie L. Wright Ph.D, Chad J. Wilson, Millard E. Petty, Michael C. Wong, Michael R. Smith, “Design of a Low-Cost Orientation Measurement Unit for Military Vehicles”, GVSETS – 8th Annual, Novi, MI, 2-4 August 2016. 

    Millard E. Petty, Chad J. Wilson, Michael C. Wong, Michael R. Smith, Ronnie L. Wright Ph.D., “Implementation of a General Purpose Interface Unit”, GVSETS – 7th Annual, Novi, MI, 4-6 August 2015.