John Meluso

  • Status: PhD Candidate
  • Advisors: Jesse Austin-Breneman, Jose Uribe
  • Description of Research: My research investigates how micro-level social and technical factors affect macro-level outcomes of organizations including the complex systems they create. I use social science methods (semi-structured interviews, surveys, grounded theory) to create rich understandings social behaviors in organizations. Through that knowledge, I apply methods from complex systems (agent-based modeling, network theory, Monte Carlo simulation, design optimization) to measure how organizational and technical factors alike affect organizational outcomes. My latest work identified an example of networked “miscommunication” in a Fortune 500 engineering organization and demonstrated its potential to affect system performance through a novel method of simulating complex system design processes. Collectively, my methods provide opportunities to substantially improve organizational outcomes ranging from product quality to organizational diversity.
  • Keywords: agent-based modeling, organizational communication, miscommunication, semi-structured interviews, network theory, complex engineered systems
  • Research Disciplines: complex systems, management & organizations, gender & diversity
  • Awards:
    2nd Place, INFORMS 2019 Annual Meeting Poster Competition (2019)
    Rackham Travel Grant for INFORMS 2019 Annual Meeting (2019)
    Rackham Professional Development Grant for INFORMS 2019 Teaching Effectiveness Colloquium (2019)
    Academy of Management Annual Conference Organizational Communication & Information Systems Professional Development Grant (2019)
    Michigan Engineering Co-Curricular Development Grant for Academy of Management (2019)
    Rackham Travel Grant for American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Design Engineering Technical Conferences (2017)
    Roger K. Berman Memorial Prize for oral presentation Nominee (2014)
    Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar for leadership (2013)
  • Publications:

Meluso, J., Austin-Breneman, J., & Uribe, J. Estimate Uncertainty: Miscommunication About Definitions of Engineering Terminology. Revise & Resubmit at Journal of Mechanical Design.

Meluso, J., Austin-Breneman, J., and Shaw, L., “An Agent-Based Model of Miscommunication in Complex System Engineering Organizations,” IEEE Systems Journal, pp. 1–12, 2019.

Meluso, J., & Austin-Breneman, J. (2018). Gaming the System: An Agent-Based Model of Estimation Strategies and their Effects on System Performance. Journal of Mechanical Design, 140(12), 121101–121109.

Meluso, J., & Austin-Breneman, J. (2017). Gaming the System: An Agent-Based Model of Estimation Strategies and Their Effects on System Performance. In Proceedings of the ASME 2017 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (Vol. 2A-2017, p. V02AT03A050). Cleveland, Ohio.

Meluso, J., Crough, R., & Francisco, K. (2016). Application of Design Ethnography to Identify the Database as a Mechanism of Effective Communication in Systems Engineering. FPET 2016 Conference Proceedings.

Evans, R., & Meluso, J. (2013). Exploring the “how of engineering competence”: Using service-learning projects in an engineering communications course to facilitate the professional practice of undergraduate engineering students. ICEE/ICIT-2013 Conference Proceedings.

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