Koray Benli

  • Status: Ph.D. Pre-Candidate
  • Advisors: Diann Brei, Sean Ahlquist, Jonathan Luntz
  • Description of Research: My research aims to explore the underlying principles for two or three dimensional surfaces, which can be dynamically morphed into variety of forms that can create affordances for user interfaces, functional or hedonic applications depending on the user need and context.
  • Keywords: Product Design, Design for Interaction, Tactile Interfaces, Dynamic Affordances
  • Research Disciplines: Industrial Design, User Experience Design
  • Awards: Plastic and Metal Package Design Competition 2015 / Third Prize in Metal Category – “BiDilim”
    Automotive Component Design Competition 2015 / Third Prize in Academician Category -“EES”
    Bizz@Kampus 2014 / First Prize – “Design Generation”
    Ceramic Design Competition 2014 / Third Prize -“Flow”
    Unilever ldeatrophy 12th Edition 2014 / First Prize -“Magnum Opus”
    Profilo Sustainable Mini Oven Project Competition 2011 / First Prize -“Tiny Oven”
    Turkish Packaging Design Student Competition 2011 / Honorable Mention Prize -“Lime Cube”
  • Funding: Fulbright PhD Scholarship (2016-2018), Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (2012-2014)
  • Publications: Benli, K. (2015). Designing for sound as a component of product experience: Development of a novel conceptual tool (Master’s thesis). Retrieved from http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr/upload/12618582/index.pdf
  • Link with more info: https://www.koraybenli.com