Laura Murphy

  • Status: Pre-candidate
  • Advisors: Shanna Daly and Colleen Seifert
  • Description of Research: My work focuses on how designers can practice more empathy and inclusivity in their design processes. If our design processes can be more empathetic and inclusive, then our design outcomes will be more inclusive. My work so far has focused on developing design process tools and understanding their impact, but I hope to extend towards better understanding how to shift practitioner processes across industries. My background is in disability design but my work aims to support all designers to consider the many dimensions of human variability.
  • Keywords: design processes, inclusive design, engineering education
  • Research Disciplines: Mechanical engineering, Social sciences
  • Publications: 

Daly, S., Yilmaz, S., Murphy, L., & Ostrowski, A. (2017). Tracing problem evolution: Factors that impact design problem definition. In Christiansen, B. (ed.), Design Thinking Research Symposium. 
Murphy, L. R., Daly, S. R., McKilligan, S., & Seifert, C. M. (2017). Supporting novice engineers in idea generation using Design Heuristics. Proceedings of the 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.