Sean Meyer

Status: Phd Candidate

Advisors: Karandeep Singh, Nadine Sarter

Description of Research: My research focuses on the application of machine learning to clinical early warning systems. Early warning systems alert clinicians of irregularities in patients that may need closer observation but can cause alert fatigue. Machine learning can detect subtle but relevant changes over time which threshold based systems lack. I aim to advance existing clinical early warning systems by creating new methods for incorporating time series health data into prediction modeling which can improve model performance and generalize to other applications.

Keywords: early warning systems, machine learning, clinical prediction modeling, human factors

Awards: Rackham Merit Fellowship, Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation Fellowship

Publications: K. Singh, S. R. Meyer, and J. M. Westfall, “Consumer-Facing Data, Information, And Tools: Self-Management Of Health In The Digital Age,” Health Affairs, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 352–358, Mar. 2019.

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