Design Science

Program Details

Design Science studies the world as we make it.

The emerging field of Design Science demands an innovative paradigm for research, education, and practice. The Design Science Program at the University of Michigan engages in the systematic pursuit of design knowledge across all fields.

Our program is a unique interdisciplinary approach requiring students to integrate two or more traditional disciplines to tackle modern, complex design problems. The U-M Design Science program challenges students to create, study, apply, and teach design principles using quantitative, qualitative, and analytical methods and processes.

Offering uncommon breadth in engineering, business, medicine, information, social sciences, and the arts, the program leverages a multitude of top-ten departments across schools and colleges at the University of Michigan. Their customized program of study empowers our students to contribute to participating fields and effectively integrate across them. This allows our graduates to take their place among the leaders and the best, to not only contribute to, but define the field of Design Science.

We offer:

Customized programs of study to empower students to identify and contribute to design questions they care about.

Inclusion of individual, societal, marketplace, governmental, political, environmental, and technological concerns in design innovation.

Master’s degrees, where students learn to study, apply, and create design principles using proven quantitative, qualitative, and analytical methods.

PhD degrees where students are challenged to create novel design techniques and methods through scientific investigation.