Global Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Program Details

Refining the crossroads of engineering and business

Growth and diversification in the global automotive and manufacturing sector markets is driving tremendous change in a hyper-competitive and technologically intensive environment.

To develop innovative solutions, today’s engineers need to be rooted in a strong background of product development and production, with a clear understanding of how to work with virtual global teams and deal with global supply chains. The Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Global Automotive and Manufacturing (GAME) degree prepares students to meet these challenges by integrating core elements of global automotive design, manufacturing and supply chains.

Students develop depth in an engineering specialty as well as breadth across other engineering areas so they are equipped to:

  • Integrate and apply sound global business concepts to engineering applications
  • Develop and manage complex technical projects
  • Effectively build and lead globally-distributed and diverse teams
  • Achieve technical proficiency in one of the specialties in automotive systems, systems integration, or manufacturing
  • Leverage the above to develop innovative solutions for a global automotive market to effectively manage complex technical projects

This is a 30-credit program designed to meet the needs of a global leader. It prepares students to work virtually and collaboratively, as well as to develop the competency to build and lead global teams. It offers global content, integrating core elements of both automotive design and manufacturing. It also provides students with an opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge in an engineering specialty as well as breadth across manufacturing and management. Courses are available both online and on campus.

Graduates go on to become leaders in large global manufacturing and automotive companies.