Manufacturing Program – Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing

Taking a Closer Look at Manufacturing

The Doctor of Engineering in Manufacturing (D. Eng. in Mfg.) is a graduate professional degree in engineering for students who have already earned a BSE degree and an MSE degree in any field of engineering (e.g., Aerospace, Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Industrial and Operations, Materials Science, Mechanical, Naval Architecture and Marine) or a Master of Business Administration.

By emphasizing industrially-relevant research and a manufacturing systems perspective, it prepares students to be leaders in manufacturing with depth in their own engineering disciplines, breadth across engineering disciplines, basic management and business skills, the ability to lead project teams, and the skills to carry out high quality engineering research and development.

Qualifying examinations must be taken in four areas of manufacturing from a variety of examination areas offered by several departments. Following the completion of required coursework and qualifying examinations, a student is required to take a preliminary examination to test his/her knowledge of the primary and supporting field. Each student must complete an industrially relevant, engineering practice-oriented dissertation that is supervised by a dissertation committee as a requirement of the degree.

The degree can also be pursued in part at the University of Michigan-Dearborn Campus. A total of 50 credit hours is required, of which 24 letter-graded credit hours (not pass/fail) and at least 18 credit hours must be taken at the Ann Arbor Campus. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3/4 (B+). The entrance requirements are a BSE and MSE or MBA, and at least one year of full-time relevant industrial experience. The GRE is required when applying to the Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng) program and all Master of Engineering (M.Eng) programs, excluding Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) applicants. Applications are accepted for both fall and winter terms.

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