Manufacturing Program – Doctor of Engineering Dissertation Committee and Defense

Dissertation Committee and Defense

An industrially relevant, engineering-practice oriented dissertation is a requirement of the degree, and is supervised by a dissertation committee.

Constitution of the Committee

All dissertation committees must consist of at least four members. At least two members should be regular graduate faculty members (as defined under Qualifying Examination) who are participating in the Program in Manufacturing. A third member should also be a regular graduate faculty member of the University of Michigan in another department or program related to the student’s dissertation work. One of these three regular graduate faculty members may be chosen from U-M Dearborn faculty. The chair or one co-chair must be a regular faculty member in the College of Engineering in Ann Arbor. One member of the committee should be from industry. The member from industry must be a full-time professional with practical experience in problems that fall within the student’s dissertation area. (Private or national laboratories are also classified as industry.) Vitae of the member from industry should be submitted with the petition to establish the committee. Additional members of the committee beyond the first four may be professors, instructors, lecturers, or research scientists from other departments or colleges at the University of Michigan, or may be special members from other universities. Vitae of special members should be submitted with the petition to establish the committee. No person working toward a graduate degree may serve on a committee until all requirements for his or her own degree have been met.

Function of the Committee

The dissertation committee is charged with the supervision of a student’s dissertation activities including the Preliminary Examination and the dissertation defense. It is also expected that this committee will meet regularly with the student to monitor progress toward completion of the dissertation. All members of the committee must read the dissertation and submit their written evaluations to the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the College of Engineering.

The Dissertation

The student must submit a dissertation comprised of practice-oriented, original work with industrial relevance. The dissertation must be published; this requirement is typically satisfied by publication in microfilm form. Legibility and conformity with the regulations of UMI Dissertation Publishing (a division of ProQuest) are the only format requirements. Conformity with format requirements must be checked by the office of the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the College of Engineering.

The Dissertation Defense

The student must defend his/her work at an oral examination that is open to the public. The examination consists of an oral presentation of the dissertation followed by an oral examination led by the dissertation committee. At least four of the committee members must be present at the dissertation defense. The student must give the dissertation to the committee at least two weeks prior to the dissertation defense.

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