Manufacturing Program – Doctor of Engineering Dissertation Committee and Defense

Dissertation Committee and Defense

A manufacturing relevant, engineering-practice oriented dissertation is a requirement of the degree, and is supervised by a dissertation committee.

Constitution of the Committee

Function of the Committee: The dissertation committee is charged with the supervision of a student’s dissertation activities including the Preliminary Examination and the dissertation defense. It is also expected that this committee will meet regularly with the student to monitor progress towards completion of the dissertation. All members of the committee must read the dissertation and submit their written evaluations to the College of Engineering Registrar.

Constitution of the Dissertation Committee: 

  • Graduate Faculty” are tenure or tenure-track instructional faculty holding an “unmodified” (i.e., not visiting, adjunct, etc.) appointment at the University of Michigan as Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor with an earned Doctorate from an accredited institution.  
  • Dissertation Committees must have at least four members, three of whom are members of Graduate Faculty and up to two of whom are relevant to the doctoral candidate’s home program.

Furthermore, each committee:

  • Must have a sole chair or two co-chairs
  • Must have a cognate member who is familiar with the standards for doctoral research from a program other than the student’s home relevant department/program. 
  • May include a University Faculty member who is not Graduate Faculty, a University staff member, or a qualified individual outside the University to provide expertise in the candidate’s discipline

Students will meet with the Manufacturing Graduate Coordinator to discuss detailed requirements for the Dissertation Committee requirements and approval process.

The Dissertation Defense

The student must defend his/her work at an oral examination that is open to the public. The examination consists of an oral presentation of the dissertation followed by an oral examination led by the dissertation committee. At least four of the committee members must be present at the dissertation defense. The student must give the dissertation to the committee at least two weeks prior to the dissertation defense.