Manufacturing Program – Doctor of Engineering Preliminary Examination

Preliminary Examination

After passing the Qualifying Coursework requirement, students are encouraged to complete the Preliminary Exam by the end of the 2nd year in the graduate program. 

  • A student will work with his/her D. Eng. in Mfg. advisor to form his/her dissertation committee, prepare a bio-sketch, Research proposal, PowerPoint presentation List of Qualifying Exam Coursework and a brief report explaining how the Qualifying Exam coursework matches the research proposal topic and future research plans.  
  • Once the dissertation committee is approved and the required documents are approved by the D. Eng. in Mfg. advisor and Manufacturing Committee, the student will work with his/her D. Eng. in Mfg. advisor to schedule the Preliminary Exam and will inform the Program’s Graduate Coordinator of the scheduled exam.  
  • In attendance at the exam will be the student and Dissertation Committee. The student will present a 40-50 minute oral presentation regarding the proposed research topic, methodologies and expected contributions, preliminary research results, work plan, and timeline followed by a 30-minute questions and answers.  
  • All of the following areas will be considered by the Dissertation Committee when determining the outcome of pass/fail (proposed topic and its significance, methodological soundness, preliminary research and progress and the applications, future research plans, communication).
  • If the exam is not passed,  the student may petition the committee to take one more prelim exam within one year; however the intention is that decisions be final and that second chances should be rare. Once the student passes the Preliminary Exam, the College of Engineering Registrar will submit a request to the College of Engineering for the student to advance to Candidacy.