Systems Engineering + Design – Program Curriculum

Curriculum and Plan of Study

Master’s Degree Requirements

Requires 30 total credits of coursework with:

  • At least 24 credits* in letter graded (A-E) courses.
  • At most 6 credits may be in letter graded (A-E) approved courses at the 400 level.
  • At least 6 credits toward a practicum (graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory).
SE+D Online
Online Projected Schedule and Online Curriculum

Systems Engineering + Design Core (9 credits): Breadth

We are a member of the Academic Council of the International Council of Systems Engineering. If you take the SED core courses (ISD 520, ISD 521, ISD522) and the capstone then you will not have to take the INCOSE Knowledge Exam to get certified as an Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) to a Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP). While you are pursuing your degree in SED, you can apply for free associate membership in INCOSE. Please contact your Graduate Coordinator for more information.

Student-Selected Electives (15 Credits): Depth

Students may take elective courses from across the university, provided the courses are relevant to the student’s field of study.

At least 3 credits must come from a systems engineering elective, and at least 3 credits must come from a design-focused elective. The remaining credits are at the student’s discretion, with program director approval.

Systems Engineering Elective (3 credits)

Design-Focused Elective (3 credits)

Other Elective Specialties

Note: Students may develop their own specialties based on their interests. For further course descriptions, go to the College of Engineering Bulletin.

Practicum  (6 credits): Practical Application

6-credit ISD 503 Practicum

Downloadable Plans of Study

Online Student 
MEng in Systems Engineering and Design (MEng/SE+D) – Sample Study Plan

On-Campus Student 
MEng in Systems Engieering and Deisgn (MEng/SE+D) – Sample Study Plan